No Disclaimers!

From The Pastor’s Desk — Sunday, January 28, 2018

Have you ever seen the disclaimers on various products? They are rather humorous especially when they go to extremes to disclaim some of what they claim. A disclaimer is an oral or written statement that details expectations, clarifies risks and limits liabilities between parties in a relationship. In some instances a disclaimer says who’s responsible if the rules are not followed. “If the sign says that there is no life guard on duty, swim at your own risk it means your family’s ability to sue if you drown is limited or eliminated altogether.

Whenever there is a disclaimer, someone is distancing themselves from any blame or leaving themselves a way out with a minimum of loss. Have you seen the disclaimers in television ads? Sometimes the disclaimer is in tiny fine print stuffed at the bottom of the screen for a handful of seconds.

Some who are church members seem to have disclaimers on their lives that make excuses for their unwillingness to follow Christ. In fact every believer is a walking commercial for the world. Sometimes the world remembers our disclaimers more than the testimony we give. Our commercial may say, “I am a Church member. I believe in God. I am a follower of Christ. “Then the disclaimer comes: “The faith I talk about on Sunday may not be reflected in my everyday living, so any recordings or videos, of what I say and do, cannot be made without my written permission. Be advised that my actions are subject to change without notice. If any of my actions do not resemble a Christian, it is purely unintentional. Handle me with care and do not expose me to any situations that may bend me, fold me or otherwise get on my last nerve. Yes, I’m a church member but I don’t do much, you see action figures are sold separately. I don’t  pray much so I don’t have much power and batteries are not included.  If your dealings with me result in rash behavior, irritating conversation or swelling develops, discontinue your dealings with me for a while. I must not be placed in stressful or flammable situations because I blow easily; I must not be pushed, cracked on or laughed at or I could be hazardous to your health. I’m saved but don’t deal with me if you see that my seal has been broken or tampered with by the devil. Sometimes I might make you sick to your stomach, if so, do not induce vomiting and if my behavior persists remember me in your prayers. If I promise you anything allow four to six weeks for delivery but don’t expect me to help unless you pay me.

The real Christian needs no disclaimers; he or she trusts in God without reservation and his praise is on our lips continuously. As Christians, we gladly acknowledge God’s presence in our lives. We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we will tell it wherever we go. No Disclaimers!!

Suffragan Bishop Vernon Spinks, Pastor

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