I am exceedingly thankful to God!

From The Pastor’s Desk — Sunday, November 19, 2017

To my Church Family and Friends; It has been my joy and honor to serve you these past 16 years, and even more than that, it has been a blessing to be served by all of you. As a congregation and as individuals, you have brought a multitude of blessings to Lady Spinks and me. You mean more to us than I can ever express, and I am exceedingly thankful to God.

I am indebted to the leadership staff for supporting the vision that God has given me for Praise Temple. Many thanks to the Pastors’ Aide committee for your support in making this anniversary happen.

A special thanks to Bishop Reginald Davis (a friend), of Refuge Temple, Burlington, NC and Elder Terrence Brown (my son in the gospel), of Praise Temple VA.

2017 has been a great year for me! It began with my retirement from the US Postal Service, and my elevation to Suffragan Bishop of the PCAF, and the elevation reception. It is my privilege to serve as your pastor and I look forward to many more years with you, God willing. My heart is full of gratitude and love for my family, church family, and friends. May God continue to pour out his choicest blessings on you is my prayer.

Suffragan Bishop Vernon Spinks, Pastor

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